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About Us

Milky Whey Farm was started by Vladimir Lorenzo Brewer when he was only 15 years old. Vladimir and his family always had a love for their animals and wished that more people could experience the purity and quality that comes from farm fresh products. Vladimir decided the easiest way to share this experience with the rest of the world was through high quality goats milk soaps.

Since 2007 Milky Whey Farm has called the White Mountains of Arizona home and worked towards making Vladimir's dream come true. In 2013 Milky Whey Farm came to Southern California. The company has always been a family operation which includes their beautiful goats: Milky Whey, Ginger, Sarah, and Cinnamon.

Milky Whey Farm prides itself in providing natural chemical free soaps as well as other select home and bathroom products for customers. The main ingredient in the vast majority of Milky Whey Farm products is goats’ milk from the Milky Whey Farm family of goats who are fed only the best organic feed that money can buy. Milky Whey Farm goats are loved and receive lots of extra love by everyone that comes and visits the farm. Visitors to Milky Whey Farm get to enjoy having new experiences when they come to help milk, feed, or hoove the goats.